Appropriate Age for Hair Transplant in Pakistan

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This surgery is the shift of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no growth. This is done in two basic ways, but the patients' own hair is used for this surgery. It is executed under the effect of local anesthesia which makes it easier for the patient. The hair surgery was first introduced during the 1950 s. The purpose was to treat baldness caused by accidents such as burns or cuts. The success of this surgery made it a cosmetic procedure. Since the inception of this procedure, there has been a lot of development which has resulted in more natural and permanent results.

The procedure is open to the widest range of candidates as men and women of all ages can get this surgery done. The patients who are over a certain age keep thinking that maybe they cannot get this procedure done but it is not so. Up till now this procedure has been giving successful results to people who do not only wish to get rid of bald patches but to those also who have unnatural baldness resulting from accidents. The only limiting factor for hair restoration surgery is the amount of hair. If the patient has very less hair on the head, the surgeon will take hair from a body part such as arms or legs. However, there is no restriction concerning age for any patient. Some people have grey hair and feel that result of the surgery might look artificial due to hair difference. However, a skilled surgeon can bring a result that is 100 percent natural due to the right placement of hair maintaining the look as well as the hair direction.

This and many other reasons exist for a patient to do proper research about the surgeon before engaging a surgeon. Once the patient has made up his mind, he can hold an initial consultation with the surgeon who can discuss the method of hair surgery as well as examine the scalp in order to understand the candidate's medical condition as well as assess the number of hair. The whole procedure is very simple therefore it is not an issue for older people who might feel over stressed or burdened by a laborious procedure. Once the initial consultation is done, the whole procedure becomes even easier as the patient is mentally ready for it. The older people do have reservations about surgeries since they belong to an era when a surgery was only a cut through the body and dealt with very serious issues. However, a procedure as simple as Hair Transplant is surgical therefore they are reluctant at first. This reluctance thins out after the consultation. The surgeon takes a medical history of every patient in order to ensure that there are no allergies and no other skin or hair conditions that might affect the surgery results. The patient just has to make sure that the right surgeon is selected. In case a surgeon is not selected after checking his reputation regarding experience; it is possible that the desired results are not achieved. It is merely the skill and technique of the surgeon that can bring about a beautiful change.

The Hair Transplant and age are not at all linked. This means that the patients of all ages can get this treatment done. Whenever there will be visible hair loss patch, one may get Best Hair Transplant in Pakistan or abroad. However selection of clinic and surgeon is very much important.


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